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So I’ve had a bit of exciting news (okay more than exciting–SO thrilled!) that I’ve been keeping a bit secret for the past few weeks. Now I’m ready to share with everybody that come September, me and my guy are going to be a family of 3!!!! I’m over the moon that we are going to have a little baby.


Of course I’ve already started making lots of baby things(how could I resist–everything is so sweet when made for a baby, the tininess of it all, oh goodness!) Many more posts on this subject, I most certainly promise.

But for now, I just want to enjoy every minute of being pregnant (as much as possible, it’s not exactly comfortable, as I’m finding out) and keep looking forward to this precious little one joining our family.

xo CBB

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  1. Every announcement post deserves a comment… even if it comes 5 months late! Congratulations to you and 'your guy' on your little one! xoxo

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