handmade for baby: the master list

As soon as I found out I was expecting I spent many hours trying to learn as much as I could about taking care of babies. One of the big things was figuring out just what did I really need for a baby. There are many baby things out there that would be nice to have I’m sure, and some things that just seem frivolous (wipe warmers, anyone?). I’m definitely going the cost effective route and trying to make as many things myself, that I possibly can.

So after lots of research and making decisions about sleeping, diapering, baby wearing, etc. I’ve come up with my “master list” which is really just one big checklist of all the things I want to make. I’m a list person–it helps me feel organized and it keeps me motivated knowing the satisfaction of checking each item off!

This is really a starting point for me, I’m trying to stay prioritized so that this child doesn’t end up with 20 different toys and hardly a wardrobe to speak of. Ideally, I’d like to make even more, but we will see just how much I can complete before September rolls around!

Here’s my list of Things to Make for Baby:



I’ve already made quite a bit of progress and as of today my list looks like this:

I’m looking forward to this week coming up because it is my first Kids Clothes Week that I am participating in! Which should help me to keep making more tiny clothes for the tiny babe!
xo CBB

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