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Caitlin Betsy Bell// footsies

baby wears .007

Oh my! Look at those little footsies! I just love them (and the rest of my tiny girl!) I’ve been getting back in the swing of making sweet little clothes for her (Kid’s Clothes Week is always such a good motivator!!) even if its just something so simple as this. outfit details: pattern// perfect diaper […] Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// baby wears

baby wears .006

This little number is actually her Easter dress–but it’s gotten lots of use since then! Such an easy, fun summer-y dress. Especially since it doesn’t require tights, long sleeve onesie, and sweater layers like it did back in April. The diaper cover is a great pattern and this was my first time using the recently […] Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// baby wears

baby wears .005

Here’s another sweet outfit from cooler weather (although we’ve been having rainy wet weather lately and this cozy vest has been just the thing for cool mornings). Sweet girl loves her books. She a big fan of being read to (and chewing on the occasional page). She makes her librarian mama proud. outfit details: self […] Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// ring pillow

Ring Pillow

This was one of the quickest projects I did for the wedding! I simply took two squares of fabric ( ivory silk leftover from my dress and linen from his vest) stitched them up, stuffed them lightly, and added some handmade lace(discovered in a box of my great grandmother’s belongings) and lastly, a ribbon for […] Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// baby wears

baby wears .004

Alright so I’ve seriously been slacking off in posting all the cute baby outfit photos I’ve taken–so let’s take a trip back in time to colder months when a cozy waffle knit jumpsuit with a faux floral placket was the best thing around for taking a little snooze in. outfit details: jumpsuit, main//waffle knit, cuffs//knit […] Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// bouquet

bridal bouquet

As I began dreaming up ideas for my wedding, I knew one thing for sure. I was determined make as much as I could for it. I wanted everything to be as personal as possible and besides  it was just too good of an excuse to do some serious crafting. So I settled on making […] Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// happy cloud

time flies

I can’t believe my little one is almost 5 months old! She gets more fun everyday with her ever expanding skill set. She’s been sitting up lately on her own which is super fun along with her endless smiles and giggles! She loves spending time in her bouncy swing and playing with toys in her […] Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// baby wears

baby wears .003

Oh my. This fabric is just the cutest. It is also very fitting as my little one is quite the nature girl. No matter how fussy she might be, a quick walk outside is guaranteed to quiet her down. outfit details: jumpsuit, main//birch organic interlock, cuffs//organic cotton baby rib Read more…

Caitlin Betsy Bell// toys

holiday shop

Just popping in to let you know that I’ve updated my online shop & if you’re in VT and want to shop local I’ll be at Touch of Vermont and BCA shows the next two weekends!   Read more…

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