handmade for baby: all sorts of baby clothes

  As I discover with each new clothing project—sewing with knits is not so bad (I’m starting to love them actually) I’ve been definitely shopping around for cotton knit fabrics to add to my previously non-existent stash. So far I’ve cranked out a few (okay, maybe more than a few) little shirts since they are […] Read more…


handmade for baby: the master list

As soon as I found out I was expecting I spent many hours trying to learn as much as I could about taking care of babies. One of the big things was figuring out just what did I really need for a baby. There are many baby things out there that would be nice to […] Read more…


the best best best news

So I’ve had a bit of exciting news (okay more than exciting–SO thrilled!) that I’ve been keeping a bit secret for the past few weeks. Now I’m ready to share with everybody that come September, me and my guy are going to be a family of 3!!!! I’m over the moon that we are going […] Read more…

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