Ring Pillow


This was one of the quickest projects I did for the wedding! I simply took two squares of fabric ( ivory silk leftover from my dress and linen from his vest) stitched them up, stuffed them lightly, and added some handmade lace(discovered in a box of my great grandmother’s belongings) and lastly, a ribbon for tying the rings on. IMG_5023

Aren’t our rings pretty? We went on Valentines Day this year to pick them out (followed by a stop at a lovely French bakery for sweets–my guy knows me well) We knew that we weren’t going to try and match, and I think we both ended up with rings that are each very much “us”. Mine compliments my engagement ring (that came from his grandmother) nicely.IMG_5019

8 more days and I’ll be wearing this ring! Can’t wait!

xo CBB

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