Pattern Peek


I’ll take a little break from sharing baby clothes to share with you my other recent creative endeavor–designing pattern envelopes for my patterns. I hope at some point to offer print and not just digital patterns. For right now I want to be sure to have some cohesive branding/packaging even if they’re purely digital. As I was trying to fall asleep the other night it occurred to me that I could illustrate using paper cutouts–and that is exactly what I’ve been working on!

I’m so thrilled to have devised a way to spend less time staring at my computer screen. I enjoy the creative design process a lot more if it’s tactile rather than purely digital. Don’t get me wrong there are functions on the computer which are invaluable (the ability to undo/redo is pretty swell). I just feel like it’s easier for me to design with traditional media. I’d chose a pair of scissors and paper any day over hours of using the pen tool in Illustrator, but I’m thankful to know how to do both. I’ll be adding my logo and the title of the pattern in Photoshop once I scan these designs in, but for now here is a little look into my process…


xo CBB

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