Bridal Bouquet

As I began dreaming up ideas for my wedding, I knew one thing for sure. I was determined make as much as I could for it. I wanted everything to be as personal as possible and besides  it was just too good of an excuse to do some serious crafting. So I settled on making paper flowers for the event and I’m not so sure I knew just how big of a commitment that was going to be (especially with a tiny babe making her appearance during our engagement). But I’m so relieved to be done with all the flowers and I still have eleven days until our wedding.

For my bouquet, I incorporated some of my favorites in crepe paper form— ranunculus, anemones, poppies & peonies with foliage and buds interspersed. If you’re at all interested in making your own flowers for a wedding or any occasion I wholeheartedly recommend Paper to Petal by Thuss + Farrell. It was my go-to for just about everything. Plus, it’s a gorgeous book to just flip through.

So without further ado, here it is–the bouquet I’ll carry down the aisle when I marry my best friend!


xo CBB

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