A Fresh Start



Full Disclosure: I’ve blogged before. In fact, you can see my former escapades in the blog-o-sphere here. So, why might you ask, am I making a fresh start here instead? Mainly because things have changed. I have a NEW site, a NEW branding, and a NEW plan of action for my creative business. Also, I sort of fell off the horse in regular blogging oh about a year ago—and sometimes it is just better to start over than to try and pick up where you left off when it seems as though anything and everything has happened in the year since. I feel like I’m ready to move forward with my business after taking time to step back, reflect, and work another job full time while I decided what the next step entailed. And it just so happens that right now is just the time for me to take the plunge and get back into my routine of maker–creator–blogger–designer–advertiser–accountant–shipping dept–and all the many other hats you wear as a business owner. I look forward to what this New Year will bring!

xo CBB
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