How-to: Improvisational Patchwork

  In the fall I moved into a new (bigger apartment) which meant I got to have a bigger bed which then meant I needed to make a quilt. I started this project back in November and come back to it every so often. Right now I have just over half of the 56 squares […] Read more…


Writing Patterns

When I relaunched my website last week, one little section wasn’t quite finished: patterns. I’ve decided that I quite like the idea of writing patterns to sell instead of trying to be a one person sweatshop and crank out a million and one handmade toys. So instead I’m shifting my focus to spreading a little […] Read more…


A Fresh Start

  Full Disclosure: I’ve blogged before. In fact, you can see my former escapades in the blog-o-sphere here. So, why might you ask, am I making a fresh start here instead? Mainly because things have changed. I have a NEW site, a NEW branding, and a NEW plan of action for my creative business. Also, […] Read more…

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