Month: January 2019


DIY Art Display

We have the good fortune of having a neighbor that’s a cabinet maker whose very generous with his scrap wood. So this project required zero cuts on my part since  I was able to find two scraps that were approximately the same size in the stack that I scored for free. I’m so glad that […] Read more…


A love day party for my little love

     Can you tell I love throwing little parties? Not sure who loves it more me or the girl who I throw them for. I’m thinking of throwing another one this year and realized I never shared her last party from two(!) years ago. We had little friends over for a cookie decorating + valentine […] Read more…


Taproot contribution

  At the start of 2019, I’m looking back at the projects I did for Taproot in 2018! In issue BLOOM: paper flower crown In issue GRAIN: moon phase cloth book In issue FEAST: play food Check out to get your hands on copies and the full how-to for each of these! Looking forward […] Read more…